Find the domain typos and misspellings

Domain Change Whois
spqce.bnb a --> q Whois
spwce.bnb a --> w Whois
spsce.bnb a --> s Whois
spzce.bnb a --> z Whois
spaace.bnb a --> aa Whois
spce.bnb Missing a Whois
spaxe.bnb c --> x Whois
spade.bnb c --> d Whois
spafe.bnb c --> f Whois
spave.bnb c --> v Whois
spacce.bnb c --> cc Whois
spae.bnb Missing c Whois
spacw.bnb e --> w Whois
spacs.bnb e --> s Whois
spacd.bnb e --> d Whois
spacr.bnb e --> r Whois
spacee.bnb e --> ee Whois
spac.bnb Missing e Whois
soace.bnb p --> o Whois
slace.bnb p --> l Whois
sppace.bnb p --> pp Whois
sace.bnb Missing p Whois
apace.bnb s --> a Whois
wpace.bnb s --> w Whois
epace.bnb s --> e Whois
dpace.bnb s --> d Whois
xpace.bnb s --> x Whois
zpace.bnb s --> z Whois
sspace.bnb s --> ss Whois
pace.bnb Missing s Whois