Find the domain typos and misspellings

Domain Change Whois
ndt.eth f --> d Whois
nrt.eth f --> r Whois
ntt.eth f --> t Whois
ngt.eth f --> g Whois
nvt.eth f --> v Whois
nct.eth f --> c Whois
nfft.eth f --> ff Whois
nt.eth Missing f Whois
bft.eth n --> b Whois
hft.eth n --> h Whois
jft.eth n --> j Whois
mft.eth n --> m Whois
nnft.eth n --> nn Whois
ft.eth Missing n Whois
nfr.eth t --> r Whois
nff.eth t --> f Whois
nfg.eth t --> g Whois
nfy.eth t --> y Whois
nftt.eth t --> tt Whois
nf.eth Missing t Whois