Find the domain typos and misspellings

Domain Change Whois
Somwrley.Capital e --> w Whois
Somsrley.Capital e --> s Whois
Somdrley.Capital e --> d Whois
Somrrley.Capital e --> r Whois
Someerley.Capital e --> ee Whois
Somrley.Capital Missing e Whois
Somerkey.Capital l --> k Whois
Someroey.Capital l --> o Whois
Somerpey.Capital l --> p Whois
Somerlley.Capital l --> ll Whois
Somerey.Capital Missing l Whois
Sonerley.Capital m --> n Whois
Sojerley.Capital m --> j Whois
Sokerley.Capital m --> k Whois
Sommerley.Capital m --> mm Whois
Soerley.Capital Missing m Whois
Simerley.Capital o --> i Whois
Skmerley.Capital o --> k Whois
Slmerley.Capital o --> l Whois
Spmerley.Capital o --> p Whois
Soomerley.Capital o --> oo Whois
Smerley.Capital Missing o Whois
Someeley.Capital r --> e Whois
Somedley.Capital r --> d Whois
Somefley.Capital r --> f Whois
Sometley.Capital r --> t Whois
Somerrley.Capital r --> rr Whois
Someley.Capital Missing r Whois
Somerlet.Capital y --> t Whois
Somerleg.Capital y --> g Whois
Somerleh.Capital y --> h Whois
Somerleu.Capital y --> u Whois
Somerleyy.Capital y --> yy Whois
Somerle.Capital Missing y Whois