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Metanovis Metanovis is a full-serviced advertising agency that provides web design and development, graphic design, web hosting and programming.
Metanoia Communications Metanoia Communications develops semiconductors and software solutions to the wireline broadband market and the in-home networking market.
Metanoia VR Metnoia is the pioneer of virtual reality in Israel and is positioned in the world in the forefront of visualization service for real estate
Metanoia Solutions Metanoia Solutions is a solution-driven software company that offers IT services.
Metanoia Metanoia specializes in software design, iCloud, outsourcing, application development, IoT, digital analytics and IT managed services.
Metanoia Metanoia provides cutting-edge communication expertise, developing modular technical solutions for telecom equipment vendors.
Metanoia Institute Metanoia Institute is an educational charity organization that provides humanistically oriented professional training programs.
Metanoia Metanoia is a unique Institute-Alumni engagement program to impact all stakeholders, including corporates
Metanomics Health Metanomics Health is a biotechnology research organization for the early diagnosis of diseases with clinical study and quality control.
Metanoia Marketing Josef Junz Metanoia specializes in marketing, advertising, product design, public relations, pricing policy, sales channels, and consultations.
Metanoia Global Inc. Metanoia Global Inc. helps social entrepreneurs start, scale and sustain successful businesses.
Metanomic Metanomic is a IT Services and IT Consulting firm the economic engine of the metaverse and creator economy.
Metanoia Technologies Metanoia Technologies provides dynamic data and human-centric solutions.
Metanovas Metanovas is a metabolic drug developer focused on combining artificial intelligence with life sciences, using deep learning.
Metanomics Metanomics specializes in researching and creating extensive reports.
Metanoia Metanoia is a consultancy that provides business consulting and coaching services.
Metanoia Metanoia creates, manages, and identifies asset information with a software and services.
Metanoia Bio Metanoia Bio is a pre-clinical Biotech start-up spun out of the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA).
Metalogix Metalogix provides content lifecycle management solutions for Microsoft SharePoint, Exchange and cloud platforms.
Metamoki Metamoki develops games for iOS and Android platforms and social networks.
METabolic EXplorer METabolic EXplorer is a biochemistry company that develops industrial alternatives to petrochemical processes.
Metabolic Metabolic is a cleantech development and systems consulting firm.
Metamoji Metamoji is an IT company that develops customized digital technology solutions for organizations.
Metalogic Inspection Services Metalogic Inspection Services is an turnkey inspection firm that specializes in technologies for inspection in power, oil & gas sectors.
Metabolic Meals Metabolic Meals has been revolutionizing the health food industry by taking the stress out of meal planning and preparation.